Construction, Commercial, Fidelity Bonds & more

A bond is a written promise that an insurance company will protect your assets and back up the promises made by someone else. Our agency can provide outstanding products supported by value-added services to commercial banks, savings and loans, insurance companies, finance and loan companies, and credit unions.

Utah – What you need to know about bonds

      • Construction Bonds – Bid, Performance & Payment Bonds and Supply bonds for contractors with program capacity needs from “First Bond” to $25 million.
      • Commercial Bonds
        • License and Permit Bonds—Contractor License; Highway and Street Permit; Agent/Adjuster/Broker License; Fuel Dealer; Professional License; Automobile Dealer; and Alcoholic Beverage Compliance Bonds
        • Probate Bonds—Administrator; Executor; Guardian; and Trustee Bonds
        • Receiver or Trustee Bond in Bankruptcy
        • Public Official—Notary Public; Sheriff; Deputy Sheriff; Constable; Jailer; County/City/School Treasurer Bonds; Court Clerk; Loan Closing Attorney; and FHA Schedule Bonds
        • Court Bonds—Plaintiff Replevin; Plaintiff Attachment; and Cost Bonds
        • Miscellaneous Bonds
      • Fidelity BondsERISA (Pension Plans), Business Services Bonds (Janitorial)
      • Financial Institution Bonds and D&O Coverage – Commercial Banks and Savings Institutions, etc.

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