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Homeowners, Rental, & Condo Insurance in Utah

For most people, their home is their most valuable asset. If something happens to your home, whether it be a natural disaster, theft, or structural damage, it is important to have the right home insurance to know that you are protected. At Express Insurance, we have helped thousands of families and individuals in the Provo area find the right homeowners insurance for their needs. We are committed to providing you with:

  • Tailored coverage
  • Fair pricing
  • Quality service

Finding the right insurance coverage depends largely on where you live. By getting the right home insurance in Provo, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that you have the best coverage to repair and/or replace your home and/or belongings.

When looking for the right homeowner insurance in Provo, it is important for you to make an inventory of your home and your personal belongings. This will help ensure that you get the right policy that will cover all of your most important assets. You can do this by making a list as well as taking photos/video of your home and belongings.

Types of Homeowners’ Insurance Coverage

There are many different types of homeowners insurance coverages:

  • Structural: This covers the damage that is caused to your home or dwelling.
  • Personal belongings: This covers the damage to the items that are in/on/around your home or dwelling.
  • Liability protection: This helps cover your legal responsibility for injuries/damage caused to other individuals or property.
  • Additional living expenses: This will help cover the costs for your temporary housing, meals, etc, while your home is being rebuilt or restored.

Provo homeowners insurance costs do vary because of what types of losses they cover, the type of residence that you own, as well as which coverages are chosen. We are with you every step of the way to help you choose the right policy for you and your family. Whether you are in need of a policy that only covers a specific amount of losses, or a comprehensive policy that covers all of your home and belongings, we can help you choose the right one. If you have any questions or want to learn more about our services, please contact us today.

Protect the Things that Matter to You

Make an inventory of your home and personal belongings. If possible, make a list as well as take photos or video – using two inventory methods can help expedite the claim resolution process. Keep this list somewhere other than your home. Keep in mind that your policy doesn’t cover damages caused by poor or deferred maintenance on your part.

Every home is unique – talk to us today to find out how to get the best price and value on homeowners insurance for you.

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